RV living is an intriguing lifestyle choice and when people find out we now live on the go 24/7/365, they have LOTS of questions. We understand—we asked ourselves some of these before we started the RV life to make sure we were making the right choice for our family.

So, in true Red, White, and Bethune fashion, we made videos discussing the many different questions we get—and hopefully this helps our followers (or those who are just curious about our life choices) understand why we did what we did, why we continue to do it, how we do it, why we love it, and even a few tips if you’ve been considering it too!

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Where are you from?

What made you decide to go fulltime RVer?

What did you do with all of your stuff?

Strapped it to the roof! Kidding!

What we weren’t going to take with us, we sold. If we wanted to take it but it wouldn’t fit (couches, beds, etc.) we sold and purchased items that would.

How long have you been fulltime RVing?

Where has been your favorite place to visit?

How do you earn money while on the road?

How do you educate your kids while on the road?

How do the kids like bus life?

We’ll let them tell you!

Why do you have so many dogs?

Well, they’re kinda like potato chips—can’t just have one!

Plus, there’s always room for more…

Where do your dogs sleep?

Sometimes in their kennel…

Sometimes on our bed!

How long do you typically stay on one spot?

What type of RV do you have?

Why did you choose a bus instead of a 5th Wheel?

The reason why we wanted a bus instead of a travel trailer, 5th wheel, or class A, was for storage! The underbay storage is massive! Check it out:

How many square feet is your bus?

A very well utilized 320 sq ft! You can check out the full tour:

How can you live in such a small space? At least it’s easier to clean?!

So many people have asked HOW we live in such a small space.....it is easy, we don't have THAT much stuff anymore. Everything we own has its own designated space on the bus. RV life isn't for the faint of heart, it is for the people who realize "stuff" isn't everything. We enjoy making memories together than filling our tiny house with material possessions.

When it’s time to clean up the bus, each of the kids have a job to do and so do we. We can clean the bus from top to bottom in about 30 minutes.

How long do you plan to live as a fulltime RVer?

How do you do laundry?

One load at a time, I guess.

It also helps to downsize your closet—but we still manage to look fabulous!

How do 5 people eat on a bus without pop-outs??

Have any advice for others looking to live as a fulltime RVer?