We are a  family of 2 adults, 3 kids, and 4 dogs living in our remodeled 1983 Silver Eagle Bus! We are a Full-Time Nomad Family who is always up for an adventure. Tag along as we show you America, through our lens!
Tune in and get to know us—we’re just an average American family!


It was time to write a new bio. As I was reading the old one, all that could pop in my head was how much we have grown. We hadn't updated any of this information until I am writing this, this very moment. Over the course of the last couple of years on the road, being a nomad has completely transformed who we were. We were so consumed with material things when we lived in a traditional house.  Before Bus Life, we had no idea that time was the absolute greatest gift you can ever receive. Having this time with each other, I can't even formulate eloquent enough words to describe how beautiful these memories feel. 
    As per the usual, I end up off topic...A LOT! LOL. I am an empath, I believe that everyone should always be kind above all else,  crystals and stones make my heart smile,  I have become a pretty cool hippie, & I am thankful that YOU are here ❤️ 


After Kyle met Jenn on, he came home from their first date and told his mom “Mom, you’ll love her because she paints her toenails!”
Kyle is one of the kindest hearts that you will meet, it just takes getting past his sarcastic and introverted exterior first, 😉 . He is the most comfortable and at home when he is behind the wheel of Blue Betty, driving us to our next adventure.  A lover of true crime and corduroy hats, you can usually find him window shopping at the nearest thrift store for vintages goodies. He is happiest surrounded by dogs while watching a good documentary on Netflix.


The Bethune Bunch wouldn’t be the chaos that it is without talking about these 4…


This kid was absolutely amazing in every way. I have always said I wanted to be like him when I grew up. He was fearless, empathetic, and compassionate. He never met a stranger and always made you feel loved and welcomed, just with his words. Sadly, he was killed in a car accident in September 2011 on our way to Disney for his 7th birthday. We keep him alive every day in our hearts, preserving his memory. Ethan is a major part of my story and I may have given birth to him, be he gave ME life.


Ben loves Anime, video games, and building forts. He wakes up every morning to give me a hug and tuck his head into my chest while whispering “I love you, Momma”. Him and his sister fight like cats and dogs, so I’m hoping when they get older, they’ll actually love each other. If he isn’t doing homeschool, he’s outside playing with new friends at whatever campsite we are at or hanging out on his PS5


My Mother always told me “I hope you have a daughter who is JUST like you one day”…. that came true, times 10. Molly is her own free spirit and can organize anything! She loves to get messy and does it in her favorite combat boots. She is one of the most thoughtful humans I have ever known, she will think of everyone before herself. She told us that when she moves out of the bus, she's going to be building a van so she can live the VanLife.


I am fairly certain he is going to grow up and continue being a nudist. I can’t even bribe this kid to wear clothes. His dream pet is a snake and begs for one every single day. He is such an empathetic and tender hearted little human. He is also a spitfire if you make him mad. Really though, he is the addition we never knew we needed. He is a spitfire, but he definitely brings spontaneity to our lives